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Classic Anime Holiday Season Gift Guide for 2022

The holiday season is upon us! That means it’s time to sniff out some great deals and find the perfect anime Christmas or Holiday gifts for your friends and loved ones (or yourself!).

If you’re Christmas shopping for the retro anime fan in your life (or yourself), you’re in luck! Below, we have put together a list of our favorite retro anime products of the season to help you come up with some anime gift ideas.

So dig in and be sure to let us know what you like!

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Anime Apparel

A new t-shirt or hoodie is always an easy choice for a great and stylish gift. We love these options from Boomslank, Ripple Junction, and Bioworld for that 90s aesthetic vibe, and we think you will too!

Cowboy Bebop 3D T-Shirt from Ripple Junction

Let’s forget all about the abandoned live-action Netflix series and embrace our love of this classic anime with this t-shirt from Ripple Junction.

If you’re on the fence about a style choice for yourself or a potential gift recipient, this is a safe bet!

Leo, Black Sweatshirt from Boomslank

We love clothes from Boomslank, they feature original anime-inspired artwork and carry that classic anime vibe. Plus, if you use our special code, WATCH90SANIME, at checkout, you’ll get a 5% discount!

Leos are strong and full of confidence, and that is on full display in this stylish hoodie that’s sure to be a cornerpiece of your fall wardrobe.

Dragon Ball Z 5 Pack Men’s Crew Socks from Bioworld

Start your day right by harnessing your inner Super Saiyan in these Dragon Ball Z socks from Bioworld.

Pokemon Ash and Pikachu Wrist Watch

It’s Time to catch ‘em all! Amazon has a nice selection of Pokemon digital watches. Different styles for all ages!

For Pokemon and 90s anime fans, these are super trendy and aesthetically pleasing. We think these could be a perfect gift idea for a friend or family member. Some people even use them in gift bags at parties. That’s rad!

Paper Plane T-Shirt by Boomslank

Take to the skies and breathe in the nostalgia of your imaginative youth with this stylish tee from Boomslank.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Fighter Backpack from Bioworld

If the socks aren’t enough, then this DBZ backpack is a surefire way to display your love of one of the most iconic anime franchises of all time.

This stylish backpack can store a laptop, pencils, lunch box or any other necessities of school or light travel.

Figures, Models, and Garage Kits

There is a sense of joy that comes with proudly displaying a character model from one of your favorite anime. These can be had for a reasonable price, but there are also models that cost thousands of dollars.

In the spirit of gift-giving, here are some of our favorite choices from Amazon!

Cutie1 Guts – Berserk

It’s hard to resist the adorable anti-hero, Guts!

Mono Racer Swordfish II – Cowboy Bebop

Spike’s famous racer would make for a fine nostalgic sci-fi centerpiece on anyone’s mantel.

Glitter and Glamours Bulma – Dragon Ball Z

This huge Bulma figure would be a prized possession on any DBZ fan’s shelf.

Yusuke Urameshi 1/8th Scale PVC – Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke is ready to make a stand with this classic pose.

Bandai Hobby Wing Gundam EW

Having a Gundam model is pretty awesome, and they’re also a lot of fun to put together. Everyone should own one at some point in their life.

Anime on DVD and Blu-Ray

These days, most people are streaming anime. However, there is a special feeling that comes with owning a physical copy.

Collecting 90s anime on DVD is a hobby of mine, and it brings me a lot of joy. You can also bring joy to your friends and/or family by buying them these classics on disc!

Neon Genesis Evangelion – The Complete Series

For the first time ever, you can own the entire show on Blu-Ray! So now is the perfect time to purchase one of the greatest anime of the 90s!

Perfect Blue… Ray?

Bad puns aside, this is movie is the definitive psychological thriller anime of the 90s. Perfect Blue inspired Hollywood and became one of the greatest anime movies of all time. Making it the Perfect anime gift (okay I’ll stop!)

Akira Ultra HD 4K

It’s always worth rewatching Akira and buying the different versions of the movie when they’re released. This version is no different.

Cowboy Bebop – The Complete Series

You’ve seen the Netflix series, now watch what some call the greatest anime series of all time.

Princess Mononoke

After Disney struck a global distribution deal with Studio Ghibli in the 90s, Princess Mononoke made Studio Ghibli a househould name.

Berserk (2016): The Complete Series – Blu-ray + Digital

The 90s adaptation is considered one of the best anime series of all time, especially for fans of fantasy and horror.

Berserk has seen many releases, but this Blu-ray set (with digital code) seems like the best bet for continuing the brutal 90s anime story. So give the gift of hours of blood-curdling, hack-n-slash anime-watching enjoyment. Your gift recipient will love you for it!

Note: Many fans have found fault with the low quality of CGI used in the 2016 show; however, this adaptation is really the only way, outside of the manga, to continue the series, So give it a shot!

Books and Accessories

Dragon Ball: A Visual History (Hardcover)

Who doesn’t love a good art book? Especially ones that have exciting pop culture themes. It’s fun to page through them and reminisce. The art inside can easily transport you back in time.

This Dragon Ball art book has 240 high-quality glossy pages of art and commentary. It also includes a cool timeline. Pretty freaking cool, right? We’re sure the fans of Dragon Ball Z on your shopping list would love this well-priced and thoughtful gift. You might even want to get one for yourself.

Sailor Moon Coloring Book

Perfect for any Sailor Moon fans young and old! Coloring books are good for relaxation and stress relief, so why not do so with some cool anime art?

Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA (Light Novel) Vol. 1

This book picks up right after the series. It’s 280 pages and is aimed at teens and young adults on up. Go on, help your friends and family get their read on! Best part, if they like this one there are many more volumes to follow. 

Neon Genesis Evangelion Stickers 100 pcs

What’s more fun than decorating your laptop or iPad? Here are some beautiful Neon Genesis Evangelion stickers that are weather and sun resistant. Since they are vinyl, you can put them on all sorts of things, your friends are only limited by their own creativity. 😊

Berserk Group Mug

I laugh every time I read the words “group mug.” Something about that combo of words strikes me as funny. I mean, yeah, it’s just a mug. But you know there are people out there who love mugs. And there is some weird pleasure in giving at least one mug gift each holiday season, right? Or is that just us who feel that way? 😊 Regardless, it’s a cheap gift option with cool anime art on it. Win-Win!

That’s it for Now!

But check back later for more anime gift ideas, and be sure to sign up for our email list!


Rowegn became an anime fan in the early 90s after renting Akira on VHS. The experience completely changed how he viewed animation as a medium and he has since logged thousands of hours watching anime. Despite his love for all anime both classic and modern, 90s anime will always be near and dear.

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